How we generally build a new wall

  • New footings formed
  • New boundary wall constructed with new bricks
  • Pointed at finish

This work take about 2 weeks but would depend on additional features such as the use of triangular bricks and castle mounts.

How we generally repair and render a wall

  • Repair existing rendering front, rear and large gable end of property
  • Fill cracks with good quality filler
  • Rub down & apply 3 coats of good quality exterior paint
  • Seal all PVC with white mastic
  • Renew all sills
  • Re-render
  • Fill & completely redecorate

This job can take 2 weeks for the front & rear elevation of a 2 bed property.

External Walls 2

External Walls 3

External Walls 4

External Walls 5


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